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SB D Gallery

SB D Gallery is a non-profit art gallery founded by Seolbin Park in 2008 in the heart of East Village in New York City.
The unique method of presenting arts on huge Samsung HD screens leads audiences to the different way to engage and interact with the arts and the most differentiated advantage is the diversity of genres SB D Gallery covers. From traditional paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, mixed media, digital art, animation, jewelry, multimedia, to films and etc, reformatted and highly digitized art work presented at SB D Gallery brings the most intimate encounter between artists and audiences.
It is completely non-commercial and solely supported by Seolbin Park, founder of SB D Gallery and at the same time, the owner of SB Design & Marketing established in 1997 in East Village, to support both local and international artists providing the open space and assets.
SB D Gallery has been featured in a number of press around the world, including The New York TImes, Daily News, NYPPA, NPPA, TKC, Korea Times and more.
Our goal is to continue supporting artists and bring out the most exposures for people to share.